Mr. Gavin Mundie is a professional Engineer who has held senior positions with major oil and gas producers, with a passion to develop facilities and improve the wellbeing of the local community, he has a track record of being a Trustee of other SCIO’s in the town and delivering similar facility projects.


Mr. James W. Morgan is from Peterhead Aberdeenshire and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland. James had a long career in the Banking sector with the Bank of Scotland, responsible for managing and growing a portfolio of SME property clients throughout Aberdeen and the North of Scotland. James has a passion to support the community and is also a Trustee for a Mental health Charity.


Mr. John Morgan is a Managing Director of a Peterhead based oil services company and former player of Peterhead FC, who does work with former players of the Club and has a focus on football development in the town.

Mr. Neil Cameron, Senior Pastor of Peterhead based Apex Church which has a large congregation, with a passion to support the community and he has experience leading impactful community programs in the town.

Mr. Chris White is the former Area Manager for Aberdeenshire Council, now retired, has a long track record of developing facilities to meet the Council plans and community needs. His focus with the Foundation is to manage our relationship with our key stakeholder Aberdeenshire council and advise on the facility development processes.

There are also members of PFCCF that support our committees that focus on our service delivery and supporting the Foundations Mission.

Fundraising Committee Objectives

Supports PFCCF in accessing grants and funding for charitable purposes and leads with the majority of PFCCF’s funding applications.

Football Development Committee Objectives

Deliver Football based programs to enable people to reach their potential and develop healthier lifestyles including disability accessible programs.

Input into the facilities project design for Catto Park

Acheive SFA Community Club Quality mark

Develop achievable Coach & Player pathways to enable all to reach their potential.

Develop and support Women’s and Girls football in Peterhead.

Health, Wellbeing, and Inclusion Committee Objectives

Promotion of Health and wellbeing awareness programmes to engage and encourage the community to make lifestyle changes.

Promote Health eating as a basis of a healthy diet for all ages.

Promote sustainable travel options- walking, cycling & local transport.

Promote mental health support through signposting to our service delivery partners to improve awareness and coping strategies for mental health, aligned with the Mental Health Charter.

Develop the equality and diversity of PFCCF services for everyone regardless of age, class, ethnicity, physical or mental impairment or ability.

Targeting poverty in our community by supporting and providing as low cost as possible services for the most in need.

Education and Employment Committee Objectives

Inspiring people to develop skills for the future and to raise their aspirations.

Develop our partner school program to educate & inspire young people across Aberdeenshire, promoting healthy lifestyles, increase motivation, confidence, and attendance.

Develop Volunteering Program – opportunities for people looking to develop work experience and to increase life skills & confidence.

Develop program for HMP Grampian to create a positive impact on prisoners on their path to reintegrating with society.