Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR/Charity Partnership

A Corporate social responsibility (CSR) / charity partnership allows companies to embrace a purpose-driven brand strategy, demonstrate community value and provides an economically accessible way to engage their employees whilst supporting local causes.

Working together with Peterhead FC Community Foundation (PFCCF) through a CSR partnership not only helps your organisation to meet its corporate social responsibility goals but also provides your employees with opportunities to fund raise or volunteer.

Your team will know their contribution through hard work and fundraising is supporting some powerful work beyond the organisation setting to those who needs support most in their community which leads to improve staff morale and community recognition.

Any support or activity undertaken by your team will be Positive local PR shared across the PFCCF online and social media platforms.

Your companies support will ensure that Peterhead FC Community Foundation can continue important work within local communities of Aberdeenshire. Following the pandemic, higher living costs and fewer employment opportunities, the most disadvantaged in our community have suffered the most.

This makes community programmes conducted by PFCF a very significant benefit to a large number of people, by working with PFCCF to raise awareness and funds, you and your company will help transform lives as we carry out much-needed work to improve health, educate and socially include our community.

Ideas for ways your company can support PFCCF and at the same time build corporate team spirit and benefit the community are: –

Direct Corporate Support: –

  • Title sponsor for a specific community programme.
  • Company donation to the Foundation, a clear display of your company values and commitment to the local community.
  • Payroll Giving is a scheme run through HMRC which allows employees to make simple, tax-effective donations to any UK charity or cause. Employers who pay employees or pensioners through PAYE can set up a Payroll Giving scheme. This means that a donation is taken from gross pay and before tax is deducted. A donation of £10.00 per month therefore will cost the donor just £8.00.
  • Gifts in kind, including office supplies, sports equipment, and unique auction prizes four our seasonal appeals including food drives.

Team / Employee Support

  • Volunteer opportunities to enable delivery of our programmes.
  • Employee suggestions for new community programmes that align with the Mission and Values of PFCCF and your companies values.
  • Donate old sports equipment and strips to PFCCF
  • Company bake off sales to a Christmas treat raffle (warning can get competitive).
  • Place an Official Peterhead FC Community Foundation collection box for spare change or donations at your company office
  • Dress as you please day or for the adventurous a fancy-dress day.
  • Team Exercise Challenges – we have the facilities for any company sports day or events.
  • Competing in Events to raise funds for Peterhead FC Community Foundation.

Impact Monitoring

PFCCF will be monitoring our community impact of our programmes and we can review annually the direct and indirect benefit your companies support, and your employees support has delivered.

We believe you will observe a clear benefit from the partnership is wide positive exposure through our website and social media channels, which not only provides community recognition but enhances your company’s reputation as a company that your employees will be proud to be associated with.

We recommend that when you decide to embark on the partnership we will discuss upfront communications, deliverables and how results will be measured to demonstrate a return on investment in our community.

Get in touch

Our CSR partnership can be tailored to your specific objectives and requirements.

Please contact us to discuss how we can develop a proposal to help you increase your brand awareness and community impact.

PFCCF Partnerships Manager

email :-

phone :- 07585801914