Education is a fundamental element in our mission to create a sustainable positive change in the community through educating in engaging and inspiring programs which focus on life skills such as teamwork, cooperation, trust, honesty, and integrity.

We are dedicated to providing a positive culture where individuals feel included, valued, and able to build critical social and emotional skills to inspire confidence and hope and improve the life chances our young people and adults across Aberdeenshire.

Our partner school program provides an inclusive, fulfilling, and engaging experience which emphasizes participation, hands-on activities, and inclusion to capture children’s interest and accelerate learning.

Case Studies of our Partner School program have demonstrated that it has been successful in engaging with children who are suffering from poor attainment and attendance and provides outcomes where young people can see their own development and provides them with tools to work well as part of a team, show creativity and improve their confidence.

As well as physical exercise and team working our partner school program also focuses on nutrition to encourage our young people to develop healthy habits and inspire them to discuss with their carers their knowledge in relation to their own family’s health and wellbeing.

Our emphasis is focused on quality of service and our competitively priced programs aim to enthuse both pupils and staff. These are the moments children will cherish throughout their school life, which will instil and enhance positive lifestyles, and help to develop healthy habits for life.

We work constructively with our partner schools and delivery partners to ensure our programs meet the individuals needs with a lasting impact and designed to support our partner school’s curriculum needs.

Also key to our support to the community is our Volunteering program provides real opportunities to not only for work experience but to enable life skills development towards employability.

We are fortunate that we can engage with our community in the way that few other organisations can, where they can see their tangible efforts impacting our community in a positive way.

What Objectives Do We Want to Achieve?

  • Develop and expand our partner school program to educate & inspire young people across Aberdeenshire, promoting healthy lifestyles, increase motivation, confidence, and attendance.
  • Develop and expand the Volunteering Program – opportunities for people looking to develop work experience and to increase life skills & confidence.
  • Increase programs that engage people to develop skills for the future and to raise their aspirations.
  • Develop program for HMP Grampian to create a positive impact on prisoners on their path to reintegrating with society.
  • Develop after school activities which provide physical exercise and education in regards nutrition and healthier lifestyle and personal hygiene.